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Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Risk Management

Our litigation/arbitration personnel are highly experience and well-qualified experts in commercial court procedure. We are committed to resolving disputes as efficiently as possible and are focused on offering solutions that are practical and commercial. We have a good record in delivering results for clients in major litigation and arbitrations matters. Regulators and prosecutors also acknowledge our credibility,

Our services include:

  • Pre- Court resolution disputes
  • Provision of legal opinions on the prospects of dispute settlement.
  • Preparation of documentation of legal proceedings
  • Representation of clients in national and international arbitrations
  • Other means of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We keenly pursue all avenues of dispute resolution presented and counsel clients on choosing the method most appropriate to them and to a specific matter. Our main priority is to resolve disputes promptly and effectively with minimum disruption to business as possible – recognition of this is central to how we approach any matter.